Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Server?

Server in Athens:
Pros: It's not a long drive to get to work.
Cons: Work environment could be better.

Server in Cincinnati:
"How much walking you do."
Be patient.Smile.

Server in Oshkosh:
Pros: People come from all over the world to stay in Oshkosh during the summer.
Cons: Winter months are horribly slow.

Server in Newnan:
"Very busy with moderate tips and gratuity with very demandin."
Pros: I'm very close to work so very little commute time.
Cons: Horrible gratuity.

Server in Audubon:
"It is layed back and enjoyable for the most part."
Pros: The management and the people. The guests come back to see me and it is pleasurable.
Cons: The restaurant business can be very stressful at times.

Server in Orlando:
"Tourists and students."
Pros: The slow season is really short in this area. Being by ucf the summer can be a bit slow, but the holidays and tourists in the area keep it from getting bad.
Cons: A lot of college kids and tourists act badly because they will never see you again or just don't care. They sometimes don't tip because they either don't know what tipping is, or they don't feel they need to.

Server in Cracker Barrel store 320:
Pros: Being around people, I enjoy waiting on people most of the time!
Cons: That sometimes we don't get cut off the floor when we are supposed to!!