Server Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Server?

Server in Raleigh:
Pros: The atmosphere and the convenience of the location of how close it is to my place of residence are the main reasons I like working in Raleigh. As well as most people and the clientele are pretty well.
Cons: The main reason I do not like working in Raleigh is that some of the clientele are uncooperative and selfish. These certain type of people only care about themselves.

Server in Warren:
"Just WOW."
Pros: I really do like taking care of other people. You can make a real difference in someone's day.
Cons: My location is a bottom 50 store. It's crazy there.

Server in New York:
Pros: The good in this job is the little off time I get.

Server in Buford:
Pros: Taking care of guest and teammates.
Cons: Poor management, coupons, 12.99 special.

Server in Scranton:
"Good money for hard work."
I always go back to serving because I end up making more money than at my "real" job.

Server in Stockton:
"Pretty go getter."
Have Patiences. Pay attention. Smile when talking. Have a personality. Be Down to earth. Show Kindness and understanding. Work fast to cater to your costumer. Don't forget to Have fun.

Server in Monroe:
"How to be successful."
Pros: The customers are fantastic! When you have customers come back week after week to see you it gives you satisfaction.
Cons: Working in this business you can feel very under appreciated by management.