Social Media Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Manager in Boone, North Carolina:
"Small town, little opportunity, beautiful scenery."
Pros: outdoor recreation opportunities
Cons: few career jobs outside university

Social Media Manager in Saratoga Springs:
"Walkability, Awesome City Culture."
Pros: It is a cute town, walking distance to restaurants, parking available.

Social Media Manager in New York:
"City and work culture in New York."
Pros: I really enjoy the fast pace of the city. It makes for more efficient work because everyone's on a similar page. Most of the time I'll find that colleagues and third parties place a high value on time consumption and punctuality. I also love the city because there is so much to do on workdays and weekends, no matter what your interests are. I am very interested in music so the city is PERFECT for festivals, concerts, and small gigs. People are pretty outgoing here and often genuinely want to help if you make an effort to stay in touch and show small gestures of appreciation. A little goes a long way and it turns out it's a pretty small world!
Cons: The culture is very much geared towards long work hours, which can be very draining and actually lead to more inefficiency than working fewer, more productive hours. Sometimes I feel guilty leaving work at 6:00pm, even though it's in my contract that I work from 9:00am to 6:00pm with a one hour lunch break. I eat lunch at my desk 95% of the time and never take the full hour. I've heard that this is common at other companies, so it's not just the one I am working at. Also, it's a very expensive city to live in. You have to make sacrifices, usually when it comes to where you live, how many other people you live with/share bathrooms with, or how old you apartment building is. Unless you're making over 100K in which case life gets a little easier!

Social Media Manager in Roseville:
"Multitasking, hardthinking, diverse job."
Pros: I like that I get to work from home. I like that I don't get micromanaged. I like that everything is left up to me with new ideas. I like that I am my own motivator.
Cons: The pay. I definitely feel like with the amount of work I do, I should be getting paid more.

Social Media Manager in Columbia:
"Working as a social media manager."
Pros: Creative ability to apply my degree to campaign structure.
Cons: Monotonous tasks sometimes. It can be daunting to repeat the same steps daily.

Social Media Manager in Oklahoma City:
"Corporate culture, work flexibility, creative process."
Pros: Leadership opportunities, creative opportunities, scale, possibility, customer service, social evolution, marketing strategy, flexible schedule, client communication.
Cons: Stress, unrealistic expectations with managing too many clients at once,

Social Media Manager in Salt Lake City:
"Gain as much experience as possible, before you start."
Learn everything you can about social media. If you aren't coordinating that role yet, find ways to support your organization's efforts, or reach out to a local non-profit organization to see if you can help coordinate some of their social media elements. Be up-to-date on traditional media as well, since the two are very closely tied together.