Social Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Social Worker?

Social Worker in Watertown:
"Helping as a Calling."
Pros: Helping people to find alternatives to their self-defeating behavior. Convincing my clients that change is possible, and that they can change their lives.
Cons: Currently, I find the pay disappointing. Social Workers find it difficult financially right after graduation because of the burden of student loans for Graduate School.

Social Worker in Pietermaritzburg:
"The good."
Pros: Working with people.
Cons: Stress.

Social Worker in Rock Hill:
Pros: The impact your career has on others.
Cons: The stress can become overwhelming.

Social Worker in Martinsburg:
"Doing The Most Good."
Pros: I get to help and meet new people every day. I work for a church so my boss is amazing.
Cons: I'm not always able to help those in need. Lack of funds and lack of helping the right people who needs it instead of people who won't try to help themselves.

Social Worker in Ogden:
"Very demanding."
Pros: Helping others.
Cons: Low pay, poor benefits, no 401 K, ungrateful bosses, ect....

Social Worker in Grand Rapids:
"Day To Day, Challenges And Rewards."
Pros: I like seeing kids and families feel empowered and watching the transformation from chaos to stability. My co-workers are fun and my schedule is flexible.
Cons: The work is very stressful. There are loads of paperwork and unclear expectations. Management is poor and does not know how to manage staff well. There are late nights and early mornings. The families do not always want to have service providers in their homes and it comes out on me.

Social Worker in Waco:
"It's My Passion."
Pros: I like that everyday is something new and that I am constantly learning.
Cons: Compassion, fatigue and the lack of the ability to truly leave your work at work.