Social Worker Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Social Worker?

Social Worker in Pittsburgh:
"The woes of LTC."
How difficult case management can be without a nursing background. When the person I replaced and went part time would be switching job titles with me.

Social Worker in Watertown:
"Helping as a Calling."
Pros: Helping people to find alternatives to their self-defeating behavior. Convincing my clients that change is possible, and that they can change their lives.
Cons: Currently, I find the pay disappointing. Social Workers find it difficult financially right after graduation because of the burden of student loans for Graduate School.

Social Worker in Pietermaritzburg:
"The good."
Pros: Working with people.
Cons: Stress.

Social Worker in Rock Hill:
Pros: The impact your career has on others.
Cons: The stress can become overwhelming.

Social Worker in Cleveland:
"Be Aware."
To be aware that employers hire on a no fault basis, meaning that they can fire you without providing a reason.

Social Worker in Albertville:
"Limited Avenues For Change."
When considering a job in social work, consider there are limited fields to practice your trade. Most social works will work for DHR/state. If a desired field of practice is medical, then I strongly recommend going ahead and getting your MSW, and licensure. LMSW/LGSW. If one desires to "climb the ladder", then your options are limited re: social work, or at least that is my experience. Pay rate is low, and stress can be very high. When choosing the field, understand that people with less "college education/degree" will more than likely make more money than you, and will climb the ladder of success faster than you. I love what I do, but I can' t lie when I say it "burns me up" knowing I have a four year degree and am getting paid a little more than min. Wage, and someone with a 2 year degree makes twice, and sometimes triple than I. My rewards out weight the bad, and thankfully my husband provides the majority of our income. If he did not, I would have to have a second job, no doubt.

Social Worker in Martinsburg:
"Doing The Most Good."
Pros: I get to help and meet new people every day. I work for a church so my boss is amazing.
Cons: I'm not always able to help those in need. Lack of funds and lack of helping the right people who needs it instead of people who won't try to help themselves.