Social Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Social Worker?

Social Worker in Philadelphia:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Mission to help young Veterans post 9-11.
Cons: Stress.

Social Worker in St. Louis:
"Find balance in life."
This is a helping field and it is important social workers also take time to work on self care. Compassion fatigue is an area that is likely to come up in this field and with healthy decision making, this can be overcomed.

Social Worker in swaziland:
"Very satisfying because I get to help people deal with daily social problems such as poverty and gender inequality."
Pros: People are suffering in the world and it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help individuals, groups and communities put their lives together. They are faced with life challeges that affect them directly and in directly such as poverty, gender inequality, violence against women and children and HIV/AIDS. As a social worker I am able to help individuals, groups and communities deal with problem situations and find effective ways of managing their lives when in crises or in need of improvement.
Cons: It is very demanding emotionally, physically and mentally. The issues that I deal with are very sensitive and at times this may affect ur health as social workers . In society some social issues are viewed to be least important and others take first preference over others and this influences the money given to each cause which is because of statistics attached to the damage they cause e.g HIV/AIDS, but in reality any one person suffering from what ever social issue finds it to be important to them and deserves to be helped and not based on whether their problems is viewed as least important but because of the fact that it is just a humane thing to do.

Social Worker in Watertown:
Pros: The diversity of people that I work with.
Cons: Most of the clients view me as a friend.

Social Worker in Seattle:
"High stress."
Get a masters degree and realize you are not going to get rich. Helping people has to be its own reward.

Social Worker in Fargo:
"It went well."
Pros: I get to work with people and their families. I work at my own pace and plan out my days.
Cons: Commuting and pay.

Social Worker in Toms River:
"Stressfull but rewarding."
Pros: Advocating for Family achievements.
Cons: No sufficient pay and less hours of pay.