Social Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Social Worker?

Social Worker in Astoria:
"Great place, 2 miles from Times Square nyc."
Pros: Very diverse
Cons: Getting expensive to live here

Social Worker:
It’s a good place for employment if you feel you can manage your life just shy of minimum wage to obtain hours for your big L. The environment is not diverse and management is not aware of their biases. There tends to be a power struggle between the “professional” and their clients, versus listening to the clients and making changes to better serve the community at large. There is very little opportunity in upward mobility. They like to keep field workers separate from management, and they will work you so hard that it will be difficult to know what is up or down. Also safety is an issue, at least one employee was stabbed on site due to safety protocols not taken seriously by the agency. They decided to make changes after someone died...

Social Worker in White Bear Lake:
"Close to home,"
Pros: The close knit community.
Cons: The pay rate.

Social Worker in Suffolk:
Remember that it is important to be kind to everyone but also important to leave work at work.

Social Worker in San Francisco:
"Laid back but gotta be profesional."
Learn from your peers, there are many situations you will come across that are not covered in the training manual.

Social Worker in Dover:
"Working in Dover, DE."
Pros: My clients and co-workers.
Cons: Limited opportunities.

Social Worker in Charleston:
"Love the patients and families."
Pros: I love being able to support and educate patients and families at end of life. I work with an amazing group of nurses who adhere to the concept of teamwork.
Cons: I feel as if I am no longer able to provide exceptional care as a result of widespread territory and colleagues that have a different vision than me on end of life care and what is deemed important. Everything must be a "protocol."