Social Worker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Social Worker?

Social Worker in Tampa:
"Assistance when needed."
Pros: Being able to really help someone is gratifying.
Cons: Some of the sad situations people find themselves in.

Social Worker in Montreal:
"Hard work for little pay."
Keep learning...keep up with professional development.

Social Worker in Evansville:
Pros: Serving families at risk of losing their children.
Cons: Families not connecting with the service offered.

Social Worker in Delaware City:
"My Journey."
Pros: Helping others obtain housing and services they need to meet their. Needs.
Cons: Many different job functions, limited help at times.

Social Worker in South Africa:
"That salary was not so few."
First find out whether you really have a passion for working with people and doing inspections in all types of houses.

Social Worker in Fairborn:
"Dealing with angry clients, community resources, time mgt."
Be very through in your information gathering. Be observant of your surroundings. Good time management. Balance of work and home life.

Social Worker in Rochester:
"How there are no opportunities for advancement."
Look elsewhere--very very poor pay and no respect.