Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in Lexington:
"Red tape everywhere."
Pros: I get to work with a bunch of extremely intelligent people.
Cons: The company is so overly bureaucratic that getting anything done is next to impossible. Being innovative is strictly prohibited. I'm treated like a code monkey.

Software Developer in Grand Rapids:
"Career path."
Do not work here.

Software Developer in Delaware:
"Don't Go To College."
College and grad school won't teach you what you need to succeed as a software developer. Find a summer internship after your junior year of high school somewhere that will teach you real software craftsmanship, and get a job in the industry as soon as you graduate. Instead of _wasting_ money hand over fist for four years, _make_ money hand over fist for those four years.

Software Developer in New York:
"Getting paid to solve puzzles."
Pros: The job is very self motivated and self regulated. For the most part I show up when I feel it is necessary, and I leave when the day's work is done. The pay is great, especially for someone fresh out of undergrad. I feel like I am doing exactly what I was trained to do in school, and I enjoy solving puzzles every day. The flexibility to work from home is also a huge plus.
Cons: I can get bogged down in sitting behind a computer alone for days on end, underutilizing my prized soft skills. Work can sometimes take significantly longer than anticipated, sometimes requiring 12+ hour shifts. Due to the nature of production support I am also on call in the early hours or weekends sometimes.

Software Developer in Portland:
"Get Involved with the Community!"
Join meet ups. Seriously, half of finding a good job is who you know.

Software Developer in Spokane:
"Don't sell yourself short, but have realistic expectations."
Negotiate for what you want...don't accept the initial offer without a counter offer. Also, be weary and don't accept promises that aren't in writing. At the same time don't expect to make top money right out of th gate.

Software Developer in Bay Springs:
Pros: The type of work and the people.
Cons: No clearly communicated plan.