Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in Seattle:
Pros: I get to work with amazing people on great fun projects.
Cons: I normally work long hours to stay on top of things.

Software Developer in Oakland:
Pros: Flexible schedule, mentally challenging work, creative outlet, snacks and drinks at work.

Software Developer in New York:
"Best job for creative minds!"
Pros: The number one best part of my job is that it keeps me with the skillset and flexibility to build programs in my off-work time that people will use, and ideally that make a difference in people's lives. My current job is at a young, thriving company (by many definitions a start-up) with reasonable work/life balance and good camaraderie, where the software team has a very strong culture of mentorship. Here, I feel I am growing the skills that will serve me well throughout my career. The stimulation never stops and the learning never ends. This is reflected in the culture of the software development community, a group that values creativity and often respects diversity and non-conformity. As a female software engineer, I can say that the male-dominated nature of the industry is changing for a reason. Good software engineering jobs are easy to come by, especially for developers a few years out of school. They provide a comfortable living, even in NYC.
Cons: Software development is a sedentary desk job, so it's more difficult to stay in good physical shape. It can also be really frustrating. Often, I spend hours making little apparent progress, because everything I've tried doesn't work. As a result, it's not for everyone - it requires ingenuity, patience and humility. The industry moves quickly, so the code we write can be thrown away soon after. Skills we've learned only a few years before can become irrelevant. Sometimes, learning the newest technologies can feel like a competition of speed rather than quality. Finally, I would like to mention my specific industry, advertising technology. It's not a social-benefit industry, which is less satisfying to me.

Software Developer in El Paso:
Pros: Experience with new technologies. Problem solving. Flexibility. On the job training.
Cons: Location. Poor work spaces. Lack of office space. Unorganized small business. Lack of evaluations. Culture. Poor management.

Software Developer in Jasper:
"Not bad."
Pros: Flexibility, help from co workers, freedom of design.
Cons: I don't get paid enough, too many headaches.

Software Developer in Baltimore:
"Ups and downs of consulting."
Pros: You get to do a lot of different things.
Cons: Not the best at managing team sizes and structures this leads to stress.

Software Developer in Chicago:
"As hard as it sounds."
Pros: The culture, the people, the laid back yet driven atmosphere.
Cons: The frustratingly difficult, overwhelming daily issues.