Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in New York:
"Corporate culture."
Pros: Flexibility location, multiple clients, new projects, requirements change all the time, so have to learn new stuff.
Cons: Can no learn solid skills, busy on coding, no improving.

Software Developer in Conway:
"Flexibility, excitement, impact."
Pros: Solving challenging problems.
Cons: Occasionally a bit nebulous.

Software Developer in Albany:
Pros: Close to home. Very friendly Co workers.
Cons: Not good pay. No communication with management.

Software Developer in Washington:
"Challenging in the most interesting way possible."
Pros: I have the privilege and necessity of learning something new every day. I feel like I get to fully be myself, I.e. I have the autonomy of contributing to the vision of the company in all the aspects for which I take initiative. This includes our product but also our culture and internal processes. And it's fun.
Cons: Our highest company value is hard work, which cultivates a deep sense of responsibility to one another. When you get to understanding how your teammates depend on you, it's hard to not work all the time out of respect for them. This hinders maintaining a normal work-life balance.

Software Developer in Los Angeles:
Pros: The culture, environment, and challenge.
Cons: The stress, clients, uncertainty.

Software Developer in Richmond:
"Software Developer."
Pros: I like the freedom that I have with my position. I've been given the responsibility to manage my own time on current projects, and really don't have upper management breathing down my neck. I enjoy being able to explore different solutions to many of the issues that I run into and enjoy being able to see and idea come to live by my skills.
Cons: I dislike the stress that can come with being a software developer. There are many times that clients expect very tight deadlines for a project that requires far more work than they want, which can cause a dip into working late some nights. At my place of work, I also have to keep in direct contact with clients. Though this has its own advantages of expressing issues with the program directly, it also leads to a possibility of being bombarded by pointless emails and constant check-ins for status updates, which can decrease productivity when interruptions happen too often.

Software Developer in Pensacola:
"I love my job."
Pros: I solve problems every day. I love the people that I work for. I love the people that I work with. I love this company.
Cons: I know that I get paid less than other people who do my job.