Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in Hillsboro:
"Leading-Edge Development."
Pros: It is great working for a company that is on the cutting-edge of microelectronics development and manufacturing. I love having a significant part in the internal operations that keeps employees at the peak of their contribution.
Cons: Intel has grown into a large multi-national corporation with the attendant pains of breakdown in cooperation between corporate services and critical internal customers.

Software Developer in Seattle:
Pros: Beautiful surroundings, big city atmosphere, spring/summer, sports teams, tech hub.
Cons: Seasonal depression, dark and rain can be taxing,

Software Developer in San Antonio:
"San Antonio is a great atmosphere."
Pros: The cost of living is low and there is plenty of things to do. The weather in the winter is very moderate and nice!
Cons: The traffic can get pretty crazy and commute can be longer. Sometimes in the summer it can get really hot as well.

Software Developer in Madison:
"That's Not My Job... Right?"
Long story short, I wound up taking customer service calls for an entire year before actually being able to do my real job. They put me on a phone, made me take payment calls for what is essentially a massive utility billing office, all while updating old VBScript modules. To this day, I still am stuck doing all-around support for every department that doesn't pertain to Software Development. Make sure you're clear on what you're signing up for. If your function strays and it's not something you want, be sure to fight back as best as you can.

Software Developer in Kalispell:
Pros: Problem solving and designing solutions to implement new features.
Cons: Below average pay for the nation.

Software Developer in Washington:
Pros: Company Culture. Flexible schedule.
Cons: Very little management direction.

Software Developer in Greensboro:
"Why is this necessary."
Pros: I only do software development.
Cons: Culture, raises are very rare according to my colleagues.