Software Developer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Developer?

Software Developer in Grand Rapids:
Pros: Programming, problem solving.
Cons: Lacking communication/mentorship.

Software Developer in Johannesburg:
Pros: It keeps you in your toes.
Cons: Working hours.

Software Developer in Phoenix:
"Software development is a grind."
The pace is fast, customers rarely understand the job complexity and all deadlines only move up.

Software Developer in Memphis:
Pros: Work with dedicated people, access to training online. Mostly relaxed work environment.
Cons: Lack of upward mobility, skill rot, IT viewed as cost center.

Software Developer in San Antonio:
"Great job, hard to get into."
Pros: Friendly co-workers, laid back dress code, and I get to do what I enjoy.
Cons: Severely underpaid. Terrible project management. No foresight, everything is reactionary and must be completed ASAP.

Software Developer in Pittsburgh:
"Non-senior Programmer."
Pros: -Even lower end pay is mediocre when compared to other jobs. -Lots of hiring positions. -Potential to work from home (although many employers won't allow this regularly)
Cons: -Bad for physical fitness. -Increased chance of arthritis. -Increased likelihood of bad posture. -Very competitive market (everyone is a programmer now)

Software Developer in Des Moines:
Pros: I love the constant challenge and opportunities to learn.
Cons: People are expected 3-5 years of experience for low level positions for frameworks that aren't 3-5 years mature yet.