Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Santa Ana:
"Small private office with no flowing air."
Pros: Love programming. Given my own personal space and being fully trusted to contribute to large projects with no micromanagement.
Cons: Lack of training due to the only two programmers being extremely busy. Butt is sore sitting all day. Often my work is bottlednecked by a supervisor and they're too busy to get to it, thus I will have nothing to do for long periods of time.

Software Engineer in Dallas:
I wish I knew the characteristics of leadership, as they are impacting my job significantly.

Software Engineer in Novato:
"Software Engineering."
Pros: Never Ending array of bugs, new development and satisfaction of being the creator.
Cons: Desk Job, physically not good for health condition.

Software Engineer in Rockville:
Pros: Flexible Hours. Interesting. Challenging. Good career prospects.
Cons: Sedentary. No perks or bonus. No health insurance contribution by employer.

Software Engineer in Portland:
"I love softare."
Pros: Software engineering has been an incredible career choice.
Cons: Working with lazy co-workers is not fun.

Software Engineer in San Jose:
"Not a good place."
Pros: Hardly anything to like except the benefit of having a good daycare.
Cons: Bad managers. A lot of politics between different business units. Employees can easily fall through the cracks.

Software Engineer in San Francisco:
"Problem Solving with Great People on the Bleeding Edge."
Pros: Software Engineering offers me the chance to be both logical and creative; it works my entire brain and fulfills my academic tendencies. Moreover, it is a quickly and constantly developing field: there's always something new to learn, and I don't go a day without developing a new skill or insight.
Cons: There are some moments when you, as the resident expert of your product area, will have to make some timely, emergency decisions. It's a hard burden to carry, but that's why we're entrusted with maintaining robust and scalable codebases.