Software Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in New York:
"Listen and share!"
Most important thing to do is to listen to good advice, and learn everywhere you can... And then share your knowledge -- with coworkers, on blogs, in presentations, whatever -- you can promote your 'brand' of learning and discovery by sharing with others.

Software Engineer in Denver:
Pros: Culture, Pay, People, Flexibility.
Cons: Stress levels, imposter syndrome.

Software Engineer in New York:
"Image Processing Engineer."
Pros: I had an opportunity to work with innovative technology.
Cons: I was severely underpaid, and there was not much I coul do about it.

Software Engineer in Tucson:
"Software engineer."
Pros: Good culture. People are respectful.
Cons: Too many hours.

Software Engineer in Troy:
Pros: It's a great corporate culture, interesting work, and the company is ran in a financially sound matter. I enjoy working here very much.
Cons: There isn't a great deal of bad other than below market pay.

Software Engineer in McLean:
"Work flexibility, culture, gym, people."
Pros: Extremely smart people developing interesting technology.
Cons: Not very organized, but it is getting better.

Software Engineer in Chandler:
"Technical Refresh + Technological Innovation."
Pros: Continuous learning and application of knowledge to envision solutions and implement them with others.
Cons: Time needed to network across departments to find the next project or technology direction.