Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Nashville:
Pros: I love what I do. I tackle new challenges and learn new things every day.
Cons: Learning new things every day can wear you out. Sometimes you just want to do the job you know how to do.

Software Engineer in Fort Wayne:
Pros: Very calm city to live and can easily go round the places without much traffic.
Cons: Much shops are not available. We have to shuttle to Indianapolis everytime to get groceries.

Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Octoptrint Software Engineer."
Pros: I enjoy working in the 3D printing field.
Cons: Not being able to explore different types of printing.

Software Engineer in Detroit:
"Lot of exposure to automobile industry."
Pros: Environment and different automobile giants are here.
Cons: Weather is extreme.

Software Engineer in Seattle:
"Pretty good!"
Pros: Contrary to most other things I hear about this place, the workload has been very manageable, and I like that our team dictates our development schedule and practices without much enforced from the higher-ups.
Cons: Promotion process is highly bureaucratic, and it can take a significant amount of time for positive feelings from peers and management to tranform into promotions and raises.

Software Engineer in Charlotte:
"Nice place to work & live."
Pros: Nice place & people to work & live.
Cons: Traffic/ job timing/ late stays.

Software Engineer in Boston:
"Great environment."
Pros: Company is willing to let you try new technologies and give you responsibility in important projects regardless of experience. Work culture feels like college and co-workers are motivated and energized.
Cons: Pay could be higher on par with market rates.