Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Downers Grove:
"Working for the Government (Argonne National Lab)"
Pros: I met and worked with some very brilliant people and had the opportunity to learn and grow in my profession. Not only did I work with people that I was hired for but I had the opportunity to work in different departments of science. The experience was great. I was hired in for National security work but ended up picking up projects for optimizing Rivers and Dams.
Cons: Sometime I was over tasked. A lot of the time I worked solo as apposed to a team. Most of the time teams were not enforced and we were teams of solo workers. Everyone going in separate directions. If and when I ran projects, I made sure that teams were teams and individuals where aware of how the team would come together to enhance the outcome.

Software Engineer in Canton:
"Challenges and career growth."
The best thing is to make sure the job fits your goals, it's something you enjoy doing and there potential for growth.

Software Engineer in Chico:
"Pragmatic Engineering."
Pros: Nice area, but cost of living relative to what companies *think* is acceptable wages for the area is a worse ratio than working in a larger tech hub like San Fransico or Seattle.
Cons: In general, the area is hot many months of the year. While the office space is obviously cooled, generally speaking, the California valley is not a friendly place to live if you prefer colder climates like me.

Software Engineer in San Francisco:
"Good work/life balance."
Benefits are okay, pretty standard (ESPP is nice). The main thing is that with unlimited PTO, your manager determines how much you can take in a year. Some people take 6 weeks, most take maybe 2.

Software Engineer in San Ramon:
"Good tech hub."
Pros: Good reverse commute from immediate east bay area.
Cons: Remote. Not as attractive of location as other tech hubs.

Software Engineer in Palo Alto:
"Great job."
Pros: Very flexible and great opportunity to grow.
Cons: The pay for some of the remote freelancers.

Software Engineer in Charlotte:
"I love my work actually."
Pros: Work life balance is great. The culture is also very conducive to individuals that love team work.
Cons: I am unsure of the opportunities for advancement.