Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Octoptrint Software Engineer."
Pros: I enjoy working in the 3D printing field.
Cons: Not being able to explore different types of printing.

Software Engineer in Oakland:
"It's a cushy job."
Pros: Get to work on interesting problems and leave at 5pm.
Cons: Lack of qualified coworkers.

Software Engineer in St. Louis:
"The Pay is good."
Pros: Teaching computers how to make rational decisions.
Cons: Waiting on sketchy requirements, customers who can't decide if they like the product they requested.

Software Engineer in Dover:
"Very Rewarding, but often stressful."
Pros: I get to work on things that I actually studied about during my university years. My final products are used by thousands of customers and this gives me much satisfaction. I enjoy many benefits such as my own office, long vacation, telecommute, paid training and an easy going and relaxed work environment.
Cons: There are some months in which a lot a work is jammed in and that can be intense. The salary is below the market average and there are no increases. It is necessary to change job positions within the company to get any real increase in pay. Seniority is often prioritized instead of merit. Politics often plays a role on who gets to climb the ladder. They promised tuition reimborsement, but since.

Software Engineer in Corona:
"Salestream rocks."
Pros: Great people and very fun place to work.
Cons: There is no ping pong table anymore.

Software Engineer in Santa Ana:
"Small private office with no flowing air."
Pros: Love programming. Given my own personal space and being fully trusted to contribute to large projects with no micromanagement.
Cons: Lack of training due to the only two programmers being extremely busy. Butt is sore sitting all day. Often my work is bottlednecked by a supervisor and they're too busy to get to it, thus I will have nothing to do for long periods of time.

Software Engineer in Idaho Falls:
"Working in Software."
Pros: This job contains some extra freedoms, such as working from home when needed and no set office hours.
Cons: Lots of documentation, it get very boring and sometime difficult to understand.