Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Oakton:
"My thoughts."
Pros: Problem solving, working with great people. The feeling like I am contributing to something.
Cons: Depending on the job, periods of crunch where work either requires or strongly desires over 40 hours of work. Scheduling work plans with non-work plans can be hard especially on relationships. Stress is usually high during these periods.

Software Engineer in Los Angeles:
Pros: I have a job and it's a good environment.
Cons: Boring sometimes not innovative.

Software Engineer in Bellevue:
"Fulfilling, challenging, flexible, and full of opportunities."
Pros: I like the flexible work schedule and the ability to telecommute. The work is challenging, and I have opportunities to work with a range of technologies. My company encourages continued learning, and so I'm able to continually extend my skillset and further my career.
Cons: Below average pay, lack of paid holidays, lack of more rigorous industry practices such as a true software design phase preceding development.

Software Engineer in New York:
"Software Engineer at a Startup."
Pros: Fun work, always an opportunity to keep learning.
Cons: Pay, lack of resources (ie more employers to help out with the workload), lack of mentors in my position.

Software Engineer in Austin:
Pros: Solving challenging problems that make a difference and help people.
Cons: Long hours, frequent short notice deadlines.

Software Engineer in San Diego:
"Interesting work."
Pros: I work on robotics, which doesn't apply to every software engineering position. It is very interesting and you get to work on unsolved problems rather than just producing more of the same for a different customer.
Cons: It can be hard to get everyone headed in the same direction on a project.

Software Engineer in Seattle:
"Start at a large software company."
The breadth of skills acquired at a large software shop, the people you are exposed to, the compensation/benefits/stability, and the diversity of projects to work on make it an ideal option for a CS major right out of college who is looking to launch a career as a software developer. Once you have a few years at a company like Google or Microsoft, everyone will want to hire you.