Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Tulsa:
"Paid to play mind games in a casual and fun environment."
Pros: Interesting and stimulating, I never get bored. High sense of accomplishment, great compensation.
Cons: Non-software companies do not treat software engineers as well as they should.

Software Engineer in Palo Alto:
"Cheap Old Line Manufacturer Doesn't Get It."
Pros: The people are great.

Software Engineer in Huntsville:
"Corporate, Bureaucratic, Government Contractor."
Pros: It has a strong reputation in the Aerospace and Defense sector.
Cons: Job security is always a chip on the shoulder and constant program re-organization is a distraction for productive engineers.

Software Engineer in El Paso:
"Best/Worst part of being in IT."
The best part is that you're always learning...the worst part of IT is that you're always trying to catch up.

Software Engineer in Seattle:
"Invest in your own learning."
Spend as much time and sacrifice as much as you can to learn as much as you can. It will pay off.

Software Engineer in Redmond:
"Stable and reputable job at Microsoft."
Pros: I like the pay, the benefits, the flexible schedule and the diverse opportunities that can be found here.
Cons: It's a slow moving company, you have to pay for your own food, no free massages.

Software Engineer in Oakton:
"My thoughts."
Pros: Problem solving, working with great people. The feeling like I am contributing to something.
Cons: Depending on the job, periods of crunch where work either requires or strongly desires over 40 hours of work. Scheduling work plans with non-work plans can be hard especially on relationships. Stress is usually high during these periods.