Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Chennai:
"Work flexibility, low pay."
Pros: Friendly environment, Flexible Time.
Cons: Low pay, poor employee management.

Software Engineer in Irvine:
"Challenging and Exciting."
Pros: I like that I'm challenged everyday to solve new problems. It doesn't get repetitive very often. The people that I work with are friendly and laid-back but also intelligent and understanding of the tasks that need to be completed. Being in a smaller company allows for better interaction with the top people in the company. A smaller company also allows me to see the full cycle of products and be a real part of the integration. The pay is good compared to the national average especially coming out of college.
Cons: I don't like being in a cubicle for 8+ hours a day. While the pay is good, usually the area surrounding tech companies have extremely high in rent which causes some to commute. Commuting is something I really don't like either.

Software Engineer in Phoenix:
"Office conditions."
Pros: Flexible work schedule, dress casual.
Cons: Lack of responsibility, way too easy, no challenge.

Software Engineer in New York:
"Interesting work with good pay."
Pros: The people I work with are smart and friendly.

Software Engineer in Tulsa:
"Paid to play mind games in a casual and fun environment."
Pros: Interesting and stimulating, I never get bored. High sense of accomplishment, great compensation.
Cons: Non-software companies do not treat software engineers as well as they should.

Software Engineer in Oakton:
"My thoughts."
Pros: Problem solving, working with great people. The feeling like I am contributing to something.
Cons: Depending on the job, periods of crunch where work either requires or strongly desires over 40 hours of work. Scheduling work plans with non-work plans can be hard especially on relationships. Stress is usually high during these periods.

Software Engineer in Los Angeles:
Pros: I have a job and it's a good environment.
Cons: Boring sometimes not innovative.