Software Engineer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Beaverton:
"Take charge of your career."
Be mindful that the technical aspect will not always be the most important in your career. To be a good engineer, you have to understand business processes and be willing to work closely with other people.

Software Engineer in Austin:
"People skills are more important than technical skills."
1. Learn to be patient with yourself. You are going to struggle with things no matter how smart you are. Read a book on “Imposter syndrome”. 2. Give yourself time to explore the best practice approach of doing things. If you don’t you will get the immediate job done, but in the future you will get stuck in a mire of spaghetti. Once you master the best practice, then you can deviate from it. 3. Learn how to sell and negotiate. Read a book or do a course. Or both. This is essential for advancement. 4. Understand corporate mentality. Read the book “Corporate Confidential”. Its nails it. 5. Share information freely: Never guard it jealously and give others credit wherever possible, take the blame when the buck stops with you . From this you will form a team that trusts you and you will go to bat for you.

Software Engineer in St. Louis:
"Always learning."
Pros: Always learning and playing with new technologies. A sense of accomplishment and can find a lot of relaxed work environments. The pay and career growth is a great benefit as well.
Cons: Sitting in an office/cubicle all day.

Software Engineer in Roseville:
"Flexible, Low-Pressure, Decent Pay."
Pros: * Flexible hours. * Casual atmosphere. * Friendly and knowledgeable workforce. * Embedded development.
Cons: * Below average pay. * Chaotic management. * Slow paced.

Software Engineer in Oklahoma City:
Pros: Benefits, prestige of company name/brand.
Cons: Location and distance from home.

Software Engineer in Chennai:
"Work flexibility, low pay."
Pros: Friendly environment, Flexible Time.
Cons: Low pay, poor employee management.

Software Engineer in Chattanooga:
"Stay Current."
Keep up with new technologies.