Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Boise:
"Unstable and unappreciated."
Pros: I like working with my peers. They are good hardworking professionals.
Cons: The company is poorly managed and it does not appreciate it's people. Employees are considered a disposible commodity, purchased and discarded based on the needs of the moment.

Software Engineer in Colorado Springs:
Pros: I enjoy working on big projects.
Cons: I still don't know my place in the job.

Software Engineer in Seattle:
"Very rewarding, engrossing work."
Pros: Software engineers get the frequent satisfaction of fixing something and getting to see the effect of that fix. It's nearly instant gratification sometimes, which can be very satisfying. Also you learn a lot of skills you can use in your everyday life to make things work better.
Cons: A lot of sitting at a computer, so you might feel very drained and foggy at the end of the day. You also need to deal with very large, complex systems, where sometimes the difficulty isn't as much conceptual, as simply understanding what other people were trying to convey with their code.

Software Engineer in Soledad:
Pros: I really enjoy learning and meeting new people.
Cons: I don't like that it is so far away and had a small pay.

Software Engineer in Hyderabad:
Pros: I like the work culture of our company.
Cons: The language they speak won't match.

Software Engineer in Atlanta:
"Flexible work, Very high stress, Great office and coworkers."
Pros: Production Support Engineers job. Offers a lot of potential for the future. Good flexibility, Great coworkers.
Cons: Very high stress. Low pay. Very critical job that doesn't permit misses without compensation when doing great. Absolutely no motivation from the employer.

Software Engineer in East Hanover:
Pros: Learning is there.
Cons: Work and Life balance is not that good.