Software Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineer in Denver:
Pros: Flexibility and interesting problems to solve.
Cons: Horrible management, lack of vision and competence from upper leadership.

Software Engineer in Boulder:
"Okay corporate culture."
Pros: Innovative product, good coworkers, flexible and casual work environment.
Cons: Forced usage of poor tools for collaboration (outlook mail and calendar, poor VPN), general corporate bureaucracy.

Software Engineer in Columbia:
"Find something fun."
Find something that you really enjoy. It makes work fun.

Software Engineer in Charlotte:
Pros: I get todo something different every day. I manage myself.
Cons: Some people are bad and I have to clean up after them.

Software Engineer in Tampa:
Pros: Software engineering allows me to be creative and use my brain in solving every day problems in a unique way. There is something special about looking at a piece of code and getting a full understanding of how a system should flow and beginning to start the process.
Cons: My job is not the type of developing I like to do. We use older technology and everyone is afraid of innovation.

Software Engineer in St. Louis:
"Enterprise IT Culture and Experience."
Pros: -- Enterprise is a well-known and well respected employer in the Greater St. Louis area. -- When I joined Enterprise from my previous company, there was a significant pay bump. -- Enterprise IT has a good policy regarding remote work. (2 days/week for a
Cons: -- Many of the IT rental systems at Enterprise are very, very old. Instead of upgrading and "sunsetting" them, we still dedicate resources to maintain them and develop complicated web services to continue using the old IT systems. -- There are constant

Software Engineer in Woburn:
"Its definitely work."
Pros: I like the culture. Every one is friendly enough and is easy to talk to. There is interesting work to be done, and people seem to like doing it.
Cons: NA.