Solutions Architect Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Solutions Architect?

Solutions Architect in Seattle:
"No buy-in."
Crummy 401k matching, no sick days, low PTO, no stock, low base pay, unreliable bonus structure.

Solutions Architect in Phoenix:
"Be prepared for anything."
Having a positive attitude and the ability to adapt - think on your feet is a must for this company.

Solutions Architect in Winchester:
"Working remote."
Pros: I get to work from home when not traveling.
Cons: Too little interaction with co workers when we are all remote.

Solutions Architect in Milwaukee:
"Certification and Hard Work."
Look for business problems and solve them, but stay away from price. Know you can help your customer fix any issue using technology, and don't be worry about the cost if you can solve a problem. There is an return on investment in every solution. Sell value, and drive your creativity. Don't let Engineers knock you ideas, they always think they know more than you, and don't understand your entrepreneurial soul. Your job is to increase income and revenue and productivity, and drive out expenses to ensure the security of the business. Know that your goal is to be a trusted advisor in your customers business.

Solutions Architect in Charleston:
"Long Hours."
Set work / home boundaries.

Solutions Architect in Rochester:
"Great Potential, Work Flexibility."
Pros: -Work with highly talented individuals. -Travel to clients. -Flexible and loose work environment. -Involve with projects when applicable.
Cons: -Not enough opportunities to grow. -Benefits are not that great. -Management.

Solutions Architect in Seattle:
"Solution Architecture, everyone is doing it these days."
Beware those who know it all. You will be competing with managers, team leaders and everyone else who knows it better than you. People don't always respect the amount of learning and experience that is required to do this type of job.