Solutions Architect Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Solutions Architect?

Solutions Architect in Boca Raton:
Sadly it has gone from bad to worse. IT has been in flux since the merge of JCI and Tyco. Everyone is jumping ship and no one is being back filled. Those left behind are expected to be 300% allocated at all times!

Solutions Architect in Chicago:
"Young, innovative culture."
Pros: Walking to work
Cons: Cold winters

Solutions Architect:
If you have any interest in doing interesting, meaningful work, avoid Northern Trust. There is no employee engagement or culture to speak of and management seems interested in doing nothing more than the base minimum to survive. You'll find yourself smothered and laden with bureaucracy at every turn. There's a lot of talk about organizational change, but never any explicit goals or action. No effort is put in to pursuing professional development. If you're looking for something simple and comfortable, though, Northern Trust is the place for you. Benefits are great and the work life balance can be very good with the right manager. The work is rarely challenging.

Solutions Architect:
Attempting to set policy and procedures for a gigantic enterprise that does not know your functional unit exists is an exercise in futility. Individual performance scores are impacted by demand for a declining industry's services, and there are no other opportunities for wage increases or bonuses.

Solutions Architect in Sun Prairie:
Pros: Small Place
Cons: Winter

Solutions Architect in Fremont:
"Bay Area is most happening place for Techies."
Pros: I have access to word class technology
Cons: Nothing