Sous Chef Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Sous Chef?

Sous Chef in Berkley:
"I wish I knew how long the hours would typically be."
If you don't absolutely love it, you will be happier doing something else. You often work the hardest when the rest of the world is at play or celebrating. 14-15 hour days are a regular thing.i often work under tremendous my position really good communication skills, diplomacy, and an ability to think and react quickly under a lot of pressure have been key to my can be very satisfying and rewarding.bonds you make will last a lifetime and you never stop learning.

Sous Chef in Memphis:
Be prepared to work a lot, and "crap" does roll down hill. You will pick up the class for those above you, and be depended upon by those below you.

Sous Chef in Corona:
"No because I actually would have been deterred."
Of course when your working in a real 5 star kitchen and the position of Sous Chef comes up it is not only the most exciting but also the most scary feeling ever. So my main advice it, look past your fear and deal with the stress and pain in the begining because within a couple of months you will be thanking head chef for everything this opportunity has taught you, and not only recipes but how to run a kitchen smoothly. My Chef always said (knowing I would like to go in the business route) if you can learn to run a 5 star kitchen smooth as ice, you will gain your ability to run anything just as smooth.

Sous Chef in Basking Ridge:
"Doing what you love."
Pros: I love getting up to go to work everyday. Yeah, there is always going to be bad days and bs, but when you find something you enjoy doing, find a way to get paid to do it.
Cons: Some people are just always going to be unhappy, rude, lazy, ect...just got to deal with it. Long hours, holidays, your days off are not your friends. Can be high stress...Not for everyone.

Sous Chef in Siloam Springs:
"Sous Chef Life."
Pros: The rush of service!
Cons: Stress.

Sous Chef in Portland:
"Annual raises."
Work as many hours as you can and never quit, no matter hard hard it gets. It's about the journey not the destination.

Sous Chef in Buffalo:
"Late hours around drugs and alcohol."
You must be willing to put in the long hours ...and learn from the chef.