Sous Chef Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sous Chef?

Sous Chef in Dana Point:
Pros: I get to practice my passion and my boss is like my culinary mentor and teacher without the school experience, I'm the youngest female certified pizzaiuola so I get a lot of positive attention from that and at my young age I can run part of the kitchen including being in charge of inventory and training. I make authentic Italian food that is both hearty and all natural Italian ingredients and we want to bring the napolitan pizza into more lives because it's a healthy alternative option to the American pizzas we are used to, so it's rewarding to be a part of a growing company that's taking authenticity and fine Italian dining to the next level.
Cons: The pay is terrible and the hours are awful. I'm always relied on to work most when the rest of the world gets a break; summer times, holidays, weekends, missing out on events and MIA from friends and family. Just to please guests I go through daily hazards of cuts burns and bruises and I'm there from opening until close stressing and working to the bone while servers show little to no respect for the cooks because they get to go home in half of the time you worked that day but with almost 3 times the money you made because you don't get tipped. The kitchen is sometimes like a dog pound of hopefuls and lost dreams and you just pray to god an investor will recognize your talent and grant what you have been dreaming and working so hard for with the most minimum pay possible because you have hope for this wish and your ability to make it to success. And to be a young girl like me working around men you need to have a ton of attitude just to get your way or you will be pushed around.

Sous Chef in Basking Ridge:
"Doing what you love."
Pros: I love getting up to go to work everyday. Yeah, there is always going to be bad days and bs, but when you find something you enjoy doing, find a way to get paid to do it.
Cons: Some people are just always going to be unhappy, rude, lazy, ect...just got to deal with it. Long hours, holidays, your days off are not your friends. Can be high stress...Not for everyone.

Sous Chef in Siloam Springs:
"Sous Chef Life."
Pros: The rush of service!
Cons: Stress.

Sous Chef in Trenton:
Pros: I love making food. I take a lot of pride in what I do and I am continuously trying to learn something new everyday.
Cons: Sometime it can be stressful when there is a lot of work to be done in a little time.

Sous Chef in Santa Monica:
"Pastry Sous Chef."
Pros: - Teaching our team. - Working with fresh seasonal ingredients and creating new recipes. - Seeing impact of managing inventory and production efficiently. - Working to develop a new and growing company.
Cons: - The hours can be challenging (10 hours / day without a break is normal, 12+ is normal at least 2 to 4 times a month) - In the food industry if you are short staffed it hits you hard, hiring is challenging as your often working "on the floor" while trying to hire and train replacements (or if someone is out sick you have their shift on top of your own existing duties)

Sous Chef in Brooklyn:
"I Feel Underpaid For The Level Of Responsibility I Have."
Pros: Working in a kitchen with a great group of employees.
Cons: Highly understaffed and over worked. We don't meet our deadlines because of unachievable, unreasonable goals.