Sr. Network Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sr. Network Engineer?

Sr. Network Engineer:
Most people are pleasant to work with and the job is laid out well, but the pay isn't quite there for the responsibility they ask. There are also a few people in key positions who are very frustrating to deal with. Benefits are okay and the staff is gun.

Sr. Network Engineer in Madison:
"Great family environment."
Pros: It's a great place to raise a family!! Pay is not high but the cost of living makes up for it.
Cons: Politics!

Sr. Network Engineer in Pittsburgh:
"Love Pittsburgh."
Pros: Feel of a big city, but don't have to travel that far to get across it.
Cons: Traffic and parking.

Sr. Network Engineer in Chesterfield:
Pros: The atmosphere and team work. The positive outlook the company has about the future. Everyone having a drive to get the goal accomplished.
Cons: Commute/Traffic coming in from Illinois.

Sr. Network Engineer in Walnut Creek:
"Working in Walnut creek."
Pros: Easy commute.
Cons: Few IT companies nearby so less competitive salaries.

Sr. Network Engineer in Redwood City:
"The amount of time beyond 8 hrs per day spent working."
There will be many hrs company related you will be spending both working and away from family on most 24/7 Enterprise careers. Make sure IT is part of your package when starting negotiations.

Sr. Network Engineer in Richmond:
"How do I obtain a Network Engineer posistion?"
The advice I would give to a person wanting to become a Sr. Network Engineer is to find someone who will be willing to mentor you in your endeavor because Network Engineering is a big field and needs that mentor ship to ensure you are successful in this field. Nothing is more important than experience and relationships with other networking people. Gain as much knowledge and practice that knowledge.