Sr. Network Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sr. Network Engineer?

Sr. Network Engineer in Austin:
"The great unknown."
Pros: I work from home.
Cons: Nepotism

Sr. Network Engineer in Orlando:
"Chugging along."
Pros: Flexible schedule, casual work environment, great immediate supervisor
Cons: Projects get bogged down

Sr. Network Engineer:
Overall - no complaints. Takes care of their people. Good benefits. Only negative side is the education for certifications was reduced, which doesn't cover a lot of, if not most, boot camps, but does cover certification exams.

Sr. Network Engineer in Vancouver:
"OHSU Management does not value its staff."
Cons: Every contract negotiation for the last 20 years has been a bunch of take backs by management, showing just how little they value their employees

Sr. Network Engineer:
Office politics is the most important thing to this company. The leadership will continue to push for unobtainable deadlines on projects that will fail just to 'check a box.' data is cherry picked to tell a story that makes decision makers look good, and not an evidence based finding.

Sr. Network Engineer in Honolulu:
"Very good."
Pros: Flexibility
Cons: Cost of living