Staff Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Accountant?

Staff Accountant in Memphis:
"New job loving it."
Pros: This is much more flexible than my previous position with less duties but more sense of accomplishment.
Cons: None yet.

Staff Accountant in Grand Rapids:
"Treat people right."
Be accurate in what you do. Check your work several times to ensure accuracy.

Staff Accountant in Folsom:
"The Office Life."
Pros: The best part about where I work are the people I work with/for. Everyone is very nice and easy to work with.
Cons: Certain decisions that have been made I do not agree with.

Staff Accountant in Bakersfield:
Pros: Nice work culture and team work.
Cons: Benefit package could improve.

Staff Accountant in Hicksville:
"Settlement accounting."
Pros: Understanding the ins and outs of credit card processing industry from a merchant to the processor stand point. Processing the daily balancing of credit card associations.
Cons: The stress level, not enough perks.

Staff Accountant in Great Neck:
Pros: We are served breakfast on friday.
Cons: We are not served breakfast mon-thurs.

Staff Accountant in Boston:
Pros: I learn a lot about different companies and industries by working on their tax returns. I get to work with a diverse group of people. Good perks.
Cons: Uncertain hours. Draining busy seasons. Work is not very flexible at least at my level. Can be stressful at times.