Staff Accountant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Accountant?

Staff Accountant in Bozeman:
"Know what the job entails."
Be sure to find out all aspects of the job. It will help you to know if the pay is worth the amount of work.

Staff Accountant in Kokomo:
Pros: I like how I get to work with clients on their different needs and wants.
Cons: I really do not like doing constant data entry. It may only be right now that I have to do it, but I want to branch out and do other tasks.

Staff Accountant in Cleveland:
Pros: Pay.
Cons: Boring, not doing something I care about.

Staff Accountant in Grand Rapids:
"Treat people right."
Be accurate in what you do. Check your work several times to ensure accuracy.

Staff Accountant in Bakersfield:
Pros: Nice work culture and team work.
Cons: Benefit package could improve.

Staff Accountant in Hicksville:
"Settlement accounting."
Pros: Understanding the ins and outs of credit card processing industry from a merchant to the processor stand point. Processing the daily balancing of credit card associations.
Cons: The stress level, not enough perks.

Staff Accountant in Great Neck:
Pros: We are served breakfast on friday.
Cons: We are not served breakfast mon-thurs.