Staff Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Accountant?

Staff Accountant in Columbia:
"Corporate culture, work flexibility."
Pros: The management, work flexibility, growth potential.
Cons: The commute.

Staff Accountant in King of Prussia:
"Office conditions, work flexibility."
Pros: Autonomous, variety of tasks, in the know about financial health of company,
Cons: Deadlines, repetition of tasks.

Staff Accountant in Mahtomedi:
"Account Keeping."
Pros: I enjoy the responsibility and accuracy this position requires. Every day I have plenty to keep my busy. I accomplish important projects for the entire company. It's rewarding.
Cons: Some days are long to get timely projects or bills paid. Can be stressful.

Staff Accountant in Kansas City:
"Busy.... I have to think in the micro and macro."
Pros: Freedom to make decisions.
Cons: The pay.

Staff Accountant in Hampton:
Pros: I love the tasks that needed to be done. I felt like I had a important role in the university and can also understand what it takes to start a business.
Cons: Working with a lot if people. Sometimes you can run into people that have their opinion on how things should get done and would feel annoyed if you didn't do it their way.

Staff Accountant in Pendleton:
"I Love The Challenges And Constant Learning Experiences."
Pros: I will never get "bored" with my job. It gives me ongoing learning experiences. My favorite part is working with clients and providing them a service they need and that can be helpful in helping their business grow successfully! This job provides many challenges which I enjoy.
Cons: You work a lot of hours that can take away time from family and friends.

Staff Accountant in Flower Mound:
"Being A Staff Accountant."
Pros: The ability to learn new things on a daily basis and receive training from the highly intelligent CPAs within the firm.
Cons: The stress level to meet deadlines can be a bit overwhelming and can leave little free time for a personal life.