Staff Accountant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Accountant?

Staff Accountant in Evansville:
"New Accounting Position."
Pros: The one thing I enjoy most about working in Evansville is the opportunity for growth.
Cons: The one thing I dislike the most is the traffic.

Staff Accountant in Salt Lake City:
"Flexibility - Good or Bad?"
Make sure you ask about rules an exceptions and the situations they apply to.

Staff Accountant in Seattle:
Pros: Competitive with opportunities.
Cons: Not really.

Staff Accountant in Columbus:
"Working in CBus."
Pros: Healthcare and finance field opportunities.
Cons: Healthcare costs.

Staff Accountant in Topeka:
Pros: Close to family, friends, and cost of living is cheap.
Cons: Times there is nothing to do and.

Staff Accountant in French Lick:
Pros: I really like the variety of work I do. I predominantly work with the company credit card accounts.
Cons: Sometimes I feel like I am not needed because I don't always have work to do.

Staff Accountant in Greenville:
"Rome Wasn't Built in a Day."
Being a staff accountant involves daily work, monthly deadlines, and ongoing projects. You will not be able to complete everything each day, but will develop a routine to allow completion of all.