Staff Nurse Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Nurse?

Staff Nurse in Cambridge:
"It's convenient to residence. The patient's and most of families appreciate my work. Not many opportunities to grow."
Pros: The work I do.
Cons: Poor communication with management.

Staff Nurse in Wayne:
"Computer skills needed."
Patients needs come first.

Staff Nurse in Sleepy Hollow:
"Young Adult understanding."
Patience, understanding, compassion.

Staff Nurse in Philadelphia:
Pros: I am a born and bred Philly girl and can't imagine living or working anywhere else. It has every kind of nursing available. I am 12 minutes from my job and have free parking.
Cons: Downtown Philly has traffic problems and parking fees are high for nurses.

Staff Nurse in Somerset:
"For The Sake of Adding Time, play dumb."
You will need all the orientation you can get as a new nurse. Play dumb and act as if you cannot "get it". Make orientation last as long as you can. The longer you take to achieve competency, the longer you get in orientation.

Staff Nurse in Baltimore:
"Physically hard."
Pros: Taking care if my patients.
Cons: Nurse to patient ratio.

Staff Nurse in Fall River:
"I enjoy my co workers and helping the Elderly population."
Pros: Patient to Nurse Ratio- 4:1 max.
Cons: Things to do.