Staff Nurse Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Staff Nurse?

Staff Nurse in Abilene:
"Slow advancement for minorities."
Learn all you can. Make wise choices & positive Christian adjustments in all that you do to serve others from your heart. It will speak volumes.

Staff Nurse in Belleville:
Do what you are expected to do and then do a little more.

Staff Nurse in Singapore:
Pros: ICU is specialist .
Cons: Fellow nurses character.

Staff Nurse in Clearwater:
Work as a team member, ask for help, you are never alone.

Staff Nurse in Spartanburg:
"Fast pace, focus under stress, communicate, attention detail."
Be present. Must maintain Focus on task in a stressful, fast paced environment. Interpersonal skills a must! Team player always advocate for patient. Safety Is #1 priority. Be certain a culture of safety and open communication exists among staff and physicians and interdisciplinary safety checks are in place.

Staff Nurse in eranakulum:
"I like my job very much."
Pros: I like my job because my job isMy life. I want protect my patients and give positive energy.
Cons: Nothing bad till my experience my patients give nice memories.

Staff Nurse in Kuwait:
"Dealing with mentally and handicapped individuals."
Commintment and dedication.