Stocker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Stocker?

Stocker in Monroe:
"No raises given."
Pros: People I work with.
Cons: They do not give raises.

Stocker in Whitesburg:
"Love it."
Pros: The people I work with and what I do.
Cons: It's a night shift and looking for a place to live and need a little more income.

Stocker in Arcadia:
"Processing merchandise, loading/unloading truck, cleaning,"
Pros: Clothing discount/ food court discount.
Cons: Bad management, not enough hour, hours been cut,

Stocker in Franklin:
"Overworked, Underpaid."
Pros: Stability.
Cons: Work is extremely physical, takes too long to get promoted or get full time status.

Stocker in Florissant:
Pros: I like using physical exertion to get a job done. I also like working with customers and making sure they have a good experience.
Cons: I least like the pay of minimum wage that I get. I do alot of work for such little wage.

Stocker in New York:
"I hate it."
Pros: I get to leave.
Cons: Long hours for part time.

Stocker in Houston:
"My overnight life."
Pros: Doing the work to see the customers expression when we have what they need.
Cons: Employees not giving but about 25% due to pay.