Stocker Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Stocker?

Stocker in Shreveport, Louisiana:
"It is great, depends on where one works."
Pros: I know the city well, been here all of my life.
Cons: The pay scale.

Stocker in Douglasville:
"Stocking at ingels."
Pros: They pay you by week.
Cons: If you enjoy highschool drama then work for ingels.

Stocker in Ballwin:
"Alright too much traffic for the commute."
Pros: I get paid
Cons: The commute from my house

Stocker in Chesapeake:
"Working hard."
Pros: Good friendly people.
Cons: Commuting.

Stocker in Tucson:
"General benefits."
This company does not has a established pay scale, so every one gets wages depending on the supervisors. It has good benefits beside wages but the worker has to pass 6 months as a seasonal worker.

Stocker in Pittsburgh:
"Cost of living."
Pros: The view, cost of living, the culture, and food.
Cons: Traffic, better job selections, and people.

Stocker in Colonia:
"I love it hard work but time goes fast."
Pros: The co workers are nice.