Structural Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Structural Engineer?

Structural Engineer in Charlotte:
"Cost of living, traffic/commute."
Pros: It is not too big a city and the traffic is not so bad. Cost of living is decent.
Cons: Not enough good Asian foods.

Structural Engineer in Jackson:
"Working in Jackson."
Pros: The outdoors and town culture. Great winter and summer activities.
Cons: Jackson is a very expensive place to live, and it is definitely isolated.

Structural Engineer in Alexandria:
Ask questions and review old drawings and calculations.

Structural Engineer in Denver:
"High stress, but gratifying."
Pros: I get to engage my brain and configure new ways to design things.
Cons: It can be frustrating with long hours.

Structural Engineer in Miami:
"I do high end structural design for residential mainly."
Pros: The mentorship and technology resources available to me.
Cons: The salary and bureaucracy due to the size of the company.

Structural Engineer in Jacksonville:
"Satisfying work."
Pros: The ability to work on multiple projects concurrently. Contributing to many buildings in the area.
Cons: Low pay.

Structural Engineer in Chicago:
"Don't settle."
Learn from the old timers and don't settle for the simple tasks, get some experience.