Structural Engineer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Structural Engineer?

Structural Engineer in Houston:
Pros: Corporate culture. Flexibility. Communication directly with management.
Cons: Stress level. Long hours.

Structural Engineer in Waukesha:
"Challenging work - exciting and rewarding."
Pros: Learning new engineering design methods from senior engineers and being able to use that knowledge to improve the world around me. I get to be a part of a very large process that creates homes, workplaces, medical facilities, infrastructure, and other places that benefit communities. I enjoy problem solving in an environment that welcomes questions and discussion. The workplace culture is great!
Cons: It is occasionally frustrating, and sometimes requires a lot of patience.

Structural Engineer in Phoenix:
"Critical Thinker."
Pros: I get a new problem every day. I get to be in the office at times and get to be outside doing easy work on nice days at times. I get to build 3D models and be creative.
Cons: I have to work with architects that think they know how to do my job. My boss expects more of me than my salary warrants.

Structural Engineer in Newport Beach:
"Being A Structural Engineer Is Challenging And Rewarding."
Pros: I get to solve interesting problems and get compensated well to do it. Also, the work I do makes a difference and helps people.
Cons: I have to live in an expensive city.

Structural Engineer in Houston:
"Challenging, When there's Work."
Pros: Challenging, lots of variety and a relaxed atmosphere.
Cons: Not a lot of work in oil and gas.