Substitute Teacher, K-12 Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Substitute Teacher, K-12?

Substitute Teacher, K-12 in Fort Myers:
Cons: Would like to get hired as a full time teacher

Substitute Teacher, K-12:
Substitute teachers are treated like second class citizens by some of the school staff. The pay is really bad. I think they should pay more because Chicago is an expensive place to live. The cost of living is high.

Substitute Teacher, K-12 in Greenbelt:
Pros: Not being turned down because of ageism.
Cons: Not getting paid on snow days..

Substitute Teacher, K-12 in Blue Springs:
"A Very Sisyphean Enterprise."
Pros: I love working with kids because occasionally they are inquisitive and open to new ideas. It is a beautiful thing when they've not only grasped something that I taught them but have their own insights and thoughts on it as well, and I can really see their potential and see them grow and feel like a part of something special and important in their lives. There's also the fact that in the future, they will inherit our disintegrating social fabric and our despoiled Earth with all of its dangers and grave responsibilities, and that is only if we manage to survive the coming decades. I bring this up just to make it fully clear that this is indeed important work.
Cons: The children that I've worked with have major disciplinary issues, and KCPS has absolutely no support system for their teachers, who have been overwhelmed by all of these sad refugees from a broken society. I can explain further but the character limit prevents me from qualifying my statement in any thorough manner.

Substitute Teacher, K-12 in Verona:
Pros: What I like most is helping the kids learn more and become better people and have a future in the world instead of the one lives that they are used to. The alternative education side of Boces is difficult but worth it for the kids.
Cons: What I don't like about the job is that there isn't any benefits for a substitute teacher and no union. I also don't like when the kids have attitude problems sometimes and are very disrespectful and defiant and you have to literally argue with them to go to class. And the money isn't very good.

Substitute Teacher, K-12 in Cheney:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Friendly co-workers.
Cons: Bad pay wages.