Surgical Technologist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical Technologist in Monroe:
"Setting up brain, neck, back surgeries and assisting surgeons."
Pros: I have learned a lot about Neuro Surgery, getting to work in the surgical field is just amazing. Brain cases are my favorite. Also we have a lot to do when we have big back and neck cases such as: POLAR, ACDF, XLIFT, ALIFT, and disc cases as well. It is really been a learning experience working in the Hospital. Scrubbing with surgeons is a lot of fun. Feels good at the end of the day knowing you helped someone.
Cons: Sometimes standing for hours can be bad on you physically and mentally. The pay could be better.

Surgical Technologist in Dallas:
"Great until you have a family..."
You will make decent money but I have a stay at home wife and 3 kids so I need to move on to bigger and better things. Check out nursing programs in your area if you're interested.

Surgical Technologist in Macon:
Work in the OR first for one year befor moving on to a specialty!

Surgical Technologist in Glasgow:
"Be Patient."
Its a very stressful job and you have to take call.

Surgical Technologist in Brockport:
"My Job is very strees, in you need to have the best love for."
Get the certifiquet.

Surgical Technologist in Nashville:
Pros: Working on different cases and learning new things daily.
Cons: Standing for hours and hours without a bathroom break or anything.

Surgical Technologist in Aurora:
"They take away job perks."
Dont be one, go back to school for a different career. Its hard on you body and its hard to spend time with your family.