Surgical Technologist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical Technologist in Phoenix:
"Trauma Tech on weekends."
Pros: Working my job as a surgical technologist on the weekends at a Trauma 1 center has worked well for making sure I can take care of my autistic twins during the week. They go to a private school and I can be home to drive them to and from school and also to make sure they get the best education they can get. Also why we moved from Michigan. Better weather here in Arizona. Also found that I do very well working trauma cases.
Cons: Not the best neighborhood. But I'm from Michigan and know how to deal with riff raff.

Surgical Technologist in New Albany:
"Nice city."
Pros: Peers
Cons: Crossing bridge

Surgical Technologist in Oklahoma City:
"Cost of living."
Pros: Cost of living.
Cons: Nothing to do.

Surgical Technologist in Sacramento:
"Never a dull moment."
Pros: I love that I get to help people everyday.
Cons: The stress that comes with surgery.

Surgical Technologist in Toms River:
Pros: I work close to home.
Cons: Nothing.

Surgical Technologist in San Francisco:
"Challenging many personalities."
Pros: Challenging many personalitiesdiversity, pay, opportunities, views.
Cons: Crowded, lots of personalities. Cost-of-living.

Surgical Technologist in Dallas:
Pros: People.
Cons: No room for growth.