Systems Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Administrator?

Systems Administrator in Wichita Falls:
Pros: Freedom to create projects, working with users, doing tech work, writing scripts, working with many different disciplines of civil engineering.
Cons: No where to go, pay seems low, Gov't contract, horrible office politics.

Systems Administrator in Wheelersburg:
Pros: Relatively low stress, freedom to operate independently with little supervision.
Cons: Wide swath of responsibilities, many falling outside of my job description (i.e. Project management, graphic/web design, photography, anything that runs on electricity, etc). Lack of support from other departments. Overwork as the only full-time IT staff. Immediate response required for major issues.

Systems Administrator in Jacksonville:
Pros: The people I work with.
Cons: My pay and it doesn't challenge me.

Systems Administrator in Corona:
"Thoughts on System Administration."
Pros: Solving interesting problems and building things.
Cons: The driving can be very tiring.

Systems Administrator in Lufkin:
"Take risks and take initiatave."
Never ever be doubtful of your skills. Be bold in your actions, know when it's okay to ask for help and when it isn't. Before asking for help always attempt to research things on your in order to solve the problem yourself. Most importantly never cease to learn and never EVER give up.

Systems Administrator in San Jose:
Study subnetting and how to maintain multiple subnets on the same wire.

Systems Administrator in Washington:
Make sure to keep learning. As a Sys Admin, you need to be aware of security holes in your system, and make sure all systems are patched up to date.