Systems Administrator Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Administrator?

Systems Administrator in Albuquerque:
Keep learning new things - Linux being the main one.

Systems Administrator in Phoenix:
Learn how to take notes. Focus on best-practices and the proper way to execute on them. Think outside the box.

Systems Administrator in Columbia:
"I enjoy being able to analyze and solve tough IT problems."
Pros: The challenge it presents on a day to day basis. Every day new problems appear, and every day my team and I rise to the challenge to solve them.
Cons: I don't enjoy the constant moving with the Army. I want to have a job located in once location for the rest of my life.

Systems Administrator in Austin:
Pros: The culture of the Business Model.
Cons: The lack of resource.

Systems Administrator in Houston:
"System Administrator, a face past goal driven, exciting job."
Pros: Job responsibilities, working as a team to resolve issues and achieve goals.
Cons: Pay, late hours sometimes, no comp time for long hours.

Systems Administrator in Lombard:
"How much I had learn and the lack of training."
Be ready to learn on the fly.

Systems Administrator in San Antonio:
Pros: Supervisor. Vacation.
Cons: Senior leadership. Pay. Inflexibility.