Systems Administrator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Administrator?

Systems Administrator in Portland:
"Great place, atmosphere and culture."
Pros: Atmosphere and culture are great, location is the cherry on top of cultural benefits and the relaxed atmosphere that culture comes with or creates.
Cons: Sometimes too relaxed and disorganized.

Systems Administrator in Cincinnati:
Pros: It is a small city that has a few big city amenities.
Cons: There is something I've heard of called a good desert. Cincinnati is very much a good food desert. Not a lot of options for great meals.

Systems Administrator in Merrimack:
"Great place to work."
Pros: Great team, good support, extremely cohesive work atmosphere, good benefits, adequately challenging.
Cons: Telecommuting is discouraged. Requires work formal wear including ties even for back office staff.

Systems Administrator in Athens:
Pros: Lots of good places to eat in Athens.
Cons: Salary way below industry market value.

Systems Administrator in Memphis:
Cons: Most times its who and not what, you know.

Systems Administrator in Memphis:
Learn to be personable, constantly learn and stay abreast on new technologies.

Systems Administrator in Halifax:
"Think on it."
Shop long and hard before you settle.