Systems Administrator Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Administrator?

Systems Administrator in Ann Arbor:
"Expect little to no work life balance."
Long hours with salary pay means you make less then a 40/hr hourly worker. On call means little to no work life balance. Expect stress for anything that breaks, dont expect appreciation for when something works 99.9999% of the year. Expect your pay to come into constant question as to why you need a raise and why you haven't taken a new certification yet. Expect to have to figure out to get enterprise level software for dirt cheap prices...

Systems Administrator in Fort Worth:
"Self supervised IT."
Pros: Self supervised, flexible determination of work schedule, interesting work helping others with technology.
Cons: Non peers have limited understanding of what I do, therefore they are handicapped in valuing my work.

Systems Administrator in Santa Ana:
"Seems legit... But I have not seen my results yet soooo...."
Pros: Great questions. Great autofil. Seems like it hits on much of what I do.
Cons: Hard to say since I have not received the results...

Systems Administrator in Alpharetta:
"Great company."
Pros: Lots of opportunity, room to grow, and responsibility to be had if you can handle the workload. The company is making smart decisions internally. I would partner with or even buy from my company in the future.
Cons: There can be so much work to do, that you don't have time to catch up some times.

Systems Administrator in Orlando:
"Beginners Luck."
Pros: The dynamics change through out the day or week. Lots for me to learn. Great direct manager & the employees have little to no drama. Overall, the company has approved the budget to get what is needed to complete the job. Very little is done after hours. Most issues are seen as 'it can wait till the next business day'. Only the most catastrophic of issues would require me to work during my 'off hours' or have my weekend interrupted.
Cons: Business dress is required. I'd like the dress casual & wear sneakers due to the amount of crawling, lifting, walking - sometimes power walking, is done. Sometimes executives have 'minor' issues that seem like a big deal for them & that can be distracting at times. Frustrating more when in the middle of a call with a vendor as you're trying to get a system back in working order via tech support.

Systems Administrator in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Work at home.
Cons: Low wages.

Systems Administrator in Lehi:
I could have been earning these certificates since middle school if I knew that they existed.