Systems Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Analyst?

Systems Analyst in New York:
"Citing My City."
Pros: The city is magic. Its always something going on, whether good or bad it keeps you on your toes.
Cons: The constant fear that something is going to happen because someone is careless or inconsiderate. The trains never operate correctly. Having to take the train everyday is an annoyance most days.

Systems Analyst in Latham:
"Decent job but want more money."
Pros: Central location close to major hubs.
Cons: High quality Food and Events are not in high supply.

Systems Analyst in San Diego:
"Many but not very well defined responsibilities."
Pros: Working with technology, programming and being able to create something useful.
Cons: Jack of all trades but master of none. I code, test software, write requirements, assist in troubleshooting, some project management.

Systems Analyst in Winston-Salem:
Everything is negotiable, negotiate and be persistent on things you need.

Systems Analyst in Nashville:
"Get your degree and never stop learning."
A four year degree is nothing but essential for a trade such as Information Technology and specialize, such as, VMware.

Systems Analyst in Raleigh:
Be prepared to have basic electrical knowledge, and work on printers.

Systems Analyst in Huntsville:
"Good Career Choice."
Anything in technology is a good career option. At first, I did not understand that a bachelors degree really prepared me for the professional world. It isn't what I learned in college so much as how to think. In tech, you must know how to think logically, and break tasks into smaller tasks. I never used COBOL in the real world, but the logic that goes behind it was very helpful in learning new languages. I now write MATLAB code to generate statistics for complex systems.