Systems Analyst Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Systems Analyst?

Systems Analyst in Los Angeles:
"Systems people, this is the place to be."
Pros: I enjoy working and solving problems that occur here at the city. It's a pleasure working with all kinds of people and solving issues that they come across.
Cons: Some days can be slow and dull, but that just means you have time to better your skills

Systems Analyst in Birmingham:
"Awesome Experience."
Pros: The autonomous, yet collaborative environment.
Cons: No gym in house.

Systems Analyst:
They're a conservative family company that's managing to stay on top of current technology trends, if not at the bleeding edge. This is both good and bad, while conservative and behind the times about things like remote work options, and stingy about pay and benefits, they're also more loyal to their employees than most. They don't cut staff the moment it's inconvenient, and are unusually supportive and protective of their 'ground level' staff. Getting days off for family or medical emergencies is never a problem. They seem to be hard on middle managers though, and there's a high turnover there, as upper management pushes back hard against change.

Systems Analyst in Boston:
"One among many."
Pros: The opportunity to work in a successful company.
Cons: Commute

Systems Analyst:
The pay is not competitive in most departments. That’s the only complaint I have about the company. All other benefits are great. The culture is youthful, laid back, and Can be exciting if you apply yourself.

Systems Analyst in St. Petersburg:
"St. Petersburg is a great town."
Pros: I can work from home and am near friends and family
Cons: Can't think of anything

Systems Analyst in Birmingham:
"Centrally located, high crime, insufficient parking."
Pros: Centrally located, local restaurants.
Cons: High crime, insufficient parking, dirty, trash everywhere,