Teacher Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Teacher Assistant?

Teacher Assistant in Aberdeen:
"I work with special needs children all ages."
Just love your job and what you do daily.

Teacher Assistant in Jennings:
"That the pay wouldn't encrease."
Make sure it they tell you your pay will encrease make sure its in writing.

Teacher Assistant in Mount Vernon:
"I love my job."
To listen and observe the students. I work with special needs students. Be patient and get to know your students. After you do that, your job is easy. But you are going to be a teacher and a nurse at the same time. Some students need diaper changes etc. You have to be able to lift. And love the students. They need a lot of attention.

Teacher Assistant in New York:
"Teachers Assistant."
Pros: Watching growth in the children.
Cons: Does not pay enough for the work.

Teacher Assistant in Albuquerque:
"Importance of early education."
Children who attend early child education are better to fall into the routine of instruction, than children who have not received preschool.

Teacher Assistant in Milwaukee:
"Challenging, Busy, Creative, always learning."
Pros: I love working with the kids and their development.
Cons: Challenging behaviors on a regular basis: biting, kicking, hitting, deregulation.

Teacher Assistant in Willimantic:
"Great Opportunities."
Pros: Great, high-quality environment with many opportunities, including for networking.
Cons: I have to make decisions as a team, which is also a good thing, but I have a little less freedom.