Teacher Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Teacher Assistant?

Teacher Assistant in Milwaukee:
"Challenging, Busy, Creative, always learning."
Pros: I love working with the kids and their development.
Cons: Challenging behaviors on a regular basis: biting, kicking, hitting, deregulation.

Teacher Assistant in Willimantic:
"Great Opportunities."
Pros: Great, high-quality environment with many opportunities, including for networking.
Cons: I have to make decisions as a team, which is also a good thing, but I have a little less freedom.

Teacher Assistant in Brooklyn:
"Fun fill days."
Pros: No two days is ever the same. Each day is totally different.
Cons: When my students are are ill and cannot participate in the lesson.

Teacher Assistant in Wixom:
"Caring teacher."
Pros: Caring for children is my passion. I love helping them learn and grow. I have experience in potty training.
Cons: My employees, the pay, the gossip, the uncleanliness.

Teacher Assistant in Miami:
"I am a teacher assistant at a day care that gets paid $8.05."
Pros: Mt job is fascinaring when it comes to teaching the kids their abc's how to count and how to observe what surrounds them. This is an important stage in their lives, and I love being part of it. I love seeing them get enthusiastic about the activities, singing to songs. I enjoy lunch time because I see how each and one of them begin to share their food. My job can cause headaches at times when they dont listen, when they disrespect one another and when they disrespect me, but patience is a virtue and day by day I help them better themselves.
Cons: I dislike how unappreciative my coworkers are and how the management ignores our efforts. I dislike how little we are being paid for a job that takes so much energy from us, for a job thats so important in our community. I help these kids be better day by day, I prepare for the future, and I dont get any recognition for it. Its also upsetting how much work I do, I do the teacher's work, because the teacher is doing the manager's work. Everyone is getting payed minumun wage, when its not suppose to be like that.

Teacher Assistant in Midland:
"Assistant infant toddler teacher."
Pros: The exploration and love of learning the children experence. The age group I work with. Coworkers that welcome me. Parents that care for theirs childs education.

Teacher Assistant in Brooklyn Center:
"Building A Strong Educational Foundation In Today's Youth."
Pros: The hugs in the hallway, working with dedicated professionals, and the challenge of knowing a variety of educational approaches to reach each child.
Cons: The pay could be better.