Teacher Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Teacher Assistant?

Teacher Assistant in Rutherfordton:
Good Luck and Try to Work with the kids as much as possible.

Teacher Assistant in Tiffin:
"What a purpose you fullfill."
How much satisfaction you will receive from what you will do. Taking care of children that need and appreciate you. Teaching them living skills, social skills and educational needs. Truly making a difference in the child's needs.

Teacher Assistant in Evansville:
Pros: The people I work with.
Cons: Pay and hours.

Teacher Assistant in Columbus:
"I wish I knew how to deal with special needs children."
Take all trainings available and special classes.

Teacher Assistant in Tampa:
Pros: Fun to teach kids about many subjects and life skills as population of students are autistic.
Cons: Poor salary, no potential growth, student behaviors that can be dangerous to staff. Little support from management.

Teacher Assistant in Independence:
Pros: How I cam spend time with children.
Cons: Most of the kids are a handful.

Teacher Assistant in Albuquerque:
Pros: The houres are very confiunes for my family.
Cons: Very long vacationed with no pay l.