Teacher Assistant Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Teacher Assistant?

Teacher Assistant in Orange, New Jersey:
Pros: The people of the city are wonderful. I feel as though when I teach my kids something new it is giving them a headstart in life.
Cons: The violence it is getting very dangerous out here that is why I sent my son to a school out of state

Teacher Assistant in Shreveport, Louisiana:
"The cost of living is decent but moving up to the next level is extremely difficult."
Pros: Nothing is particularly just been here all my life with my family.
Cons: The pay scale us horrible.

Teacher Assistant in Houston, Texas:
Pros: Other possible job opportunities
Cons: Traffic

Teacher Assistant in El Paso, Texas:
Pros: The environment is usually nice
Cons: It's very difficult to find a job

Teacher Assistant in Chelsea, Massachusetts:
"I enjoy it as a community program we have so much to offer to the community."
Pros: I work for the community I live.

Teacher Assistant in Cedar Park:
Pros: I like being able to work with my teacher side by side to create a warm and welcoming environment for the kids. I get to voice my opinions and provide assistance with anything and everything.
Cons: The management doesn't stick up for you when parents complain.

Teacher Assistant in Rocky Mount:
Pros: It is close to home and at my child's daycare.
Cons: Nothing.