Teacher Assistant Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Teacher Assistant?

Teacher Assistant in Canton:
"How stressful it may get at times."
Love those children they spend most of time with you.

Teacher Assistant in San Antonio:
Pros: Allow the child to develop their own interests.
Cons: Not full-time.

Teacher Assistant in Apple Valley:
"Assistant Infant Teacher."
Pros: Working with children. Friendly co-workers.
Cons: Disorganized staff. Having responsibilities outside job description. Overworked staff. Stressful environment. Putting up a front for parents.

Teacher Assistant in New Castle:
"Pick your battles."
Each child you come in contact with has their own talents, learning strengths and behavioral problems. No two are the same. In cases of a challenging child, pick your battles. Pick the areas that you feel that can lead to success.

Teacher Assistant in Centerville:
"Stay Far Away."
Pros: The parents and the kids were the only reason I did not want to leave.
Cons: Illegally cheat you out of OT, not offered any benefits, my schedule was not consistent, my placement in the rooms was all over the place, if you have to go to the bathroom forget about trying to get ahold of the front office to let you go. The directors have the WORST attitudes. You never leave when you are scheduled to. Backstabbing teachers that are encouraged by the owner and directors. Expected to do way more than your job description and not compensated appropriately. Need supplies for projects or for the classroom? Expect to buy them out of pocket and good luck trying to get reimbursed. Always out of ratio.

Teacher Assistant in Laredo:
Don't judge any child or parent.

Teacher Assistant in Fort Worth:
"It's mainly for young people without the resonsibility of bi."
The job is for those who are young physically people without bills. Also the pay is like if you are doing volunteer work.