Team Leader, General Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Team Leader, General?

Team Leader, General in Annapolis, Maryland:
"Great place to live and work."
Pros: Close to home
Cons: Limited professional opportunities

Team Leader, General in Denver:
Cons: People have no responsibility and all they want to do is come to work high.

Team Leader, General in Cairo:
"How much room to grow in the company."
Do what you say you will do.because it makes a difference every day.and share all day in and day out tasks.

Team Leader, General in Springfield:
Pros: Minimal commute and it’s my hometown.
Cons: Dying industrial city trying to reform to modern businesses.

Team Leader, General in Niles:
"Not bad."
Pros: It is Near my house so it is easy to go to work by walk.
Cons: In miles they do not pay enough or either give raises.

Team Leader, General in Westmont:
Pros: Growth opportunities.
Cons: Commute.

Team Leader, General in St. Cloud:
Pros: Flexible hours, understanding management.
Cons: Hot working conditions, not enough appreciation for the amount of work done.