Technical Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Director?

Technical Director in Elmira:
"Beautiful area."
Pros: Things available to do in close proximity
Cons: Not enough upscale places to go to

Technical Director in Rochester:
"Good first job to grow out of quickly."
Pros: Quick advancement
Cons: Lack of communication

Technical Director in Washington:
Pros: Lots of opportunities
Cons: Commuting, baiting-and-switching

Technical Director in Beckley:
"WV is beautiful but opportunities are limited."
Pros: My family is nearby.
Cons: Pay

Technical Director in Richmond:
"Don't assume."
Ask questions. Assist with confidence, but don't take on work that you are not qualified to perform. Ask for direction, how to do a specific task. Show that you are capable of taking on more duties and then take them on. Help others in a similar position.

Technical Director in Lewisburg:
Pros: There isn't much around, but cost of living is good and we are close to Harrisburg and not far from NYC.
Cons: There is nothing around. Jobs are limited and stores and retail is thin. People aren't super friendly, but are average.

Technical Director in Reno:
"Keep learning."
Take an investment course and learn to manage your money and your jobs money. Learn how to listen to people and how to use their strengths and weaknesses.