Technical Writer Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Writer?

Technical Writer in Dayton:
Keep your experience broad. If you're too specialized, then lose your job, it will be hard to move on to another TW job.

Technical Writer in Austin:
"Tech writing for a massive company isn't fulfilling."
Find a workplace with people you want to spend time with and have things in common with, people who are fun. Otherwise you'll get super bored.

Technical Writer in Austin:
"Start Young, REtire Early."
Start early in state government.

Technical Writer in Harrisonburg:
"Writing Technically."
Pros: I enjoy my fellow workers and the work environment at this company. Some of the topics are interesting and people are willing to answer questions.
Cons: For the proposal center, the work flow tends to be feast or famine. There is no respect given to the work I do, it only seems to be appreciated if we win.

Technical Writer in Warren:
"Usually a fun opportunity to learn new things."
Pros: Research, editing, graphic design, and creating engaging multimedia content are the cornerstone of what I do, and it can be fun. The people I work with are very accommodating, and there's always new learning opportunities.
Cons: Dealing with inconsistent product specifications, working against a deadline, and getting no budget for much-needed info, equipment, and upgrades are the constant challenges of working for a hungry small business. Seeing years of work go up in smoke because the current marketing person wants to change everything for no good or justified reason can be a little frustrating too.

Technical Writer in Beavercreek:
"Communication degrees do NOT stand alone."
Communication degrees only train you to communicate, they do NOT train you for the field into which you will enter, be it translation, journalism, curriculum writing..etc. You must obtain technical certification or expertise if you want to be a writer that makes good money. Furthermore, technical writing can be a very broad field and you can end up doing things you didn't expect, such as business development or creating training. Some technical writers get very boxed in, but they don't have to be. Keep an open mind once you're in your field and always look for new opportunities.

Technical Writer in Fort Lauderdale:
"Take IT classes."
Be familiar with IT, MS Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and Captivate.