Technical Writer Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Technical Writer?

Technical Writer in Harrisonburg:
"Writing Technically."
Pros: I enjoy my fellow workers and the work environment at this company. Some of the topics are interesting and people are willing to answer questions.
Cons: For the proposal center, the work flow tends to be feast or famine. There is no respect given to the work I do, it only seems to be appreciated if we win.

Technical Writer in Warren:
"Usually a fun opportunity to learn new things."
Pros: Research, editing, graphic design, and creating engaging multimedia content are the cornerstone of what I do, and it can be fun. The people I work with are very accommodating, and there's always new learning opportunities.
Cons: Dealing with inconsistent product specifications, working against a deadline, and getting no budget for much-needed info, equipment, and upgrades are the constant challenges of working for a hungry small business. Seeing years of work go up in smoke because the current marketing person wants to change everything for no good or justified reason can be a little frustrating too.

Technical Writer in Burlington:
Pros: I love editing documents and creating a quality end product that satisfies customer needs.